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Proof of. We can also be reached by phone at 564.

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</strong> This brochure provides information for the property tax exemption.

2 Property information County: I am claiming exemption for (check all that apply): Real property tax (building and land) Owned Leased Personal property tax (furnishings and equipment) Owned Leased Leasehold excise tax (lease of government owned property) Leased Government owner/lessor:.

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Senior Citizens & People with Disabilities.


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Removal of Special Valuation on Historic Property (Fill-In) 64 0037.


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383: Residences — Definitions.


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Application for Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Property Tax Exemption.

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Use this worksheet to calculate your combined disposable income and enter the result on your property tax relief application(s).


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Property tax deferrals are available for qualifying.


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Washington state has two property tax relief programs for senior citizens and people with disabilities.


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I hereby make claim for reduction of property taxes, as provided inRCW 84.

2391, option 4.

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The terms disposable income and combined disposable income for the purpose of Washington’s property tax relief programs for individuals are defined in RCW 84.


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class=" fc-falcon">RCW Chapter 84.